Developing & Transforming Our Communities

By Implementing community-based programs and humanitarian activities in order to promote healthy and productive life, improved hygiene, nutritional status, prevention and control of HIV/AIDS, malaria, reproductive
health, family planning, maternal health, immunization, water and sanitation, and promoting vocational training

Why Choose To Work With ARISE

   We have a good reputation among donor agencies especially in terms of transparency and accountability.

   We are among the few credible and experienced local NGO in the district.

   We have been in operation for over ten years and has a number of assets and resources to help implementation of activities.

   We have  well established systems and structures of operation, coordination and stakeholder engagement.

   We have a technically competent team capable of internalizing challenges and devise solutions for successful implementation of projects.

   We have established an excellent working relationship with the community, local government, national and international organizations.

   Always recognized by the district local government as a partner in service delivery.